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Christine osborne realtor -TATE AND ALLEN

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                                                                                                     1.Mrs Mullis REALTOR-PH 919-619-4402

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1.Mr & Mrs Clifton-Painted interior exterior of there home.2009


2.Mr & Mrs Hopper-Painted the whole interior of  there home-2011-2012


3.Donna Pruitt- Painted Interior exterior of her home.-2012


4.Mr & Mrs Case-painted interior exterior of there Home-2008


5.Mr & Mrs Glen clifton- painted interior of there home and remove popcorn and refinish-2009


6.Mrs Novak- painted the whole exterior of her home and deck.-2012


7.Mr & Mrs Quick painted exterior  of there home and remove texture-2012


8.Mr & Mrs Spampinato,painted some repairs of there home-2012

9.Mr & Mrs Ruf painted the whole interior of thier home-2012


10.Mrs Barnes -painted her house  that was for sale and her new home painted walls-919-475-9800-2013

12.Mr & Mrs Mehr -painted the whole exterior of there home and stain deck and ceiling deck-1-850-443-4977-2013

13.Mr & Mrs Jernigan remove texture ceilings,walls remove wood paneling and sheet rock and painted all walls ceilings and trim major Make over -919-417-1941

14,Mr & Mrs Meadors Painted whole interior of home and power wash deck n stain

15,Mr & mrs Lawlor Painted whole interior of home